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Organisation of production.

Organisation of production. - Nuova MALT


The company is equipped for the complete management of part manufacture, from the purchase of steel to thermal treatments, galvanization and reboring. 


The rationalized, clean layout of Nuova Malt's production departments guarantees a rapid flow of goods, both in loading the various machines and in transporting the finished products to the warehouse.


The production system is the result of the adoption of an extremely flexible and efficient model with great dynamism, 


The diagram shows the flow of production through the various departments involved in operation.  The company has its own vehicles for delivery of finished products.



Finishing processes are carried out partly by satellite specialists located nearby and controlled directly by the company. The most common finishes are:

- Reboring

- Thermal treatments.

- Galvanization.

Overview of the production departments

Overview of the production departments - Nuova MALT